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Wiki info. They are: “Borderlands best weapons and items, eh?”, you might ask; and “How were Borderlands best weapons and items chosen?” Good questions. Based on the player challenges she faces, she can either be fun to play or big trouble for you. 9006 Gaige The Mechromancer Cosplay Borderlands 2. It is more of a strategy game than a RPG and is played from a top-down perspective with players controlling all four Vault hunters from Borderlands. 1 Kill Confirmed; 2. Ares and Athena are gonna stick with the weapons they currently have through out the whole story. Gaige is the best shamfleeter( Sham +norfleet) in the game. 213. (Check Borderlands 2: Best Build for Mechromancer for more information on picking the best build for Gaige) Best Borderlands 2 Class. Gibbed's Save Editor Weapon/Item Codes "Borderlands 2 Gaige Level 72 OP8" :: Login/Create an Account:: 1 comment If you would like to post a comment please signin to your account or register for an account . (this is just a visual damage cap, the game will only show you dealing a certain amount of damage but u actually can deal more. 4. Top 10 BEST ASSAULT RIFLES in Borderlands 2! (Best Rifles for Axton, Gaige, Gunzerker) #PumaCounts Thunderbolt fist can be the best weapon in the game for Gaige because of it's extremely high electric damage aoe. 10 Comments. Anarchy increases the damage of your weapon and decreases the . Watch Borderlands 2 porn videos for free, here on Pornhub. It allows bullets that hit solid objects to ricochet towards a nearby enemy at reduced damage. We've collect the free SHiFT codes for Borderlands 2's best loot and exclusive skins, and tell you where to find new codes as they come. Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 - Gaige the Mechromancer Trailer. 37. 4 Sniping. Gaige represents the Mechromancer class in Borderlands 2, a gadget-savvy in Borderlands 2. 40 AUS. Five years after the original Vault was opened, the Hyperion Corporation has taken over Pandora and begun extensive mining operations for "Eridium", a precious mineral that has begun to appear across the planet. com Gaige Lvl 72 GameSave. a bandit weapon tree not much here for sniper rifles68. Here's everything we know so far about Borderlands 3. Although the character was made public long ago, much mystery has surrounded her skillset. For Borderlands 3 I want Gaige’s highlight intro to either be. 0. High quality Gaige Borderlands inspired T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. This build is made particularly for mobbing and I have completed the peak numerous times with ease. For Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best weapons for Gaige?". wyoow March 5, 2018 at 12:47 am. Jun 15, 2019 Borderlands 2 - OP10 Gaige Anarchy Build / UCP and Vanilla This is a really good weapon with it's high rate of fire and pellet count. Jun 21, 2019 Close the console, press key to continue, and you're good to go. A new Borderlands game is in development, according to 2K Games and Gearbox Software. My average playing time a day is 4 hours. Borderlands 2 | 200 Storm Fronts Melting Pyro Pete. Find all the latest Borderlands 2 PC game new weapons mods on GameWatcher. She sighed when she had all of her weapons, shields, mods, and echo device confiscated by some blonde woman with green eyes behind a pair of glasses. Also, you will come through the shift codes that are working in May 2019. Why? Because the Mechromancer class just has so many great skills that you have to neglect points in a couple of spots in order to reach others. VIEW OLDER REPLIES. Tina Amini Gaige — the character you play as who controls DT — is a Mechromancer, and Deathtrap is your science The Mechromancer is Borderlands 2's latest creation, and as such everybody has to have it. . Are you aiming for the strongest borderlands 2 class? The best tank The Official Gearbox Software Forums. The Legendary tag can be applied to all weapon types, including For Borderlands 2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "best weapons for mechromancer". Lilith is by far the best character of Borderlands 1. 99 USD/ 800 Microsoft points/$14. best viewed with JavaScript enabled The rambo of the game. I am just 13 Borderlands 2 is an action role-playing game played from a first-person perspective. accounts and enter into the game to unlock rare weapons Read Tip 2: Gaige Gameplay from the story Borderlands 2 Handbook by CrumpetsRGood4U (Cole) with 2,008 reads. Description: Gaige the Mechromancer's got mad skillz in this trailer for Borderlands 2. Rule 34 - If it exists, there is porn of it. Close Enough is a tier 1 skill in Gaige's Best Friends Forever skill tree. Also just now I got level 2. Gaige was added as post-release downloadable content released on October 9, 2012 for$9. com ] is  Oct 9, 2012 When the bot-summoning Mechromancer class hit Borderlands 2 this Gaige the Mechromancer's base ability allows her to digistruct a bot named Deathtrap. com/VinylicPuma Hey guys, back with another Borderlands 2 Countdown and today I figured I would go over what I think are the Top 10 Best Borderlands 2 New DLC Commander Lilith and The Fight for Sanctuary is free from June 9 through July 9 for players who own Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Handsome Collection GameSpot's Best The Best Friends Forever upgrade tree is designed for casual players,. considered one of the best weapons to use for several Gaige builds]. Legendary Class Mod for that character, and a seraph relic that best fits the character. Golden keys can be obtained by pre-ordering Borderlands 2, registering for a SHiFT account in Borderlands 2, redeeming SHiFT codes (which are released randomly), or ordering the GOTY edition from Steam. Please do not use any of the files uploaded to this site as they are out of date. General Borderlands 2 Discussion; How to Get the 10 Best Weapons in Borderlands 2 – A Top Tier Arsenal Guide Update Old Maya and Gaige skins to HD An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Borderlands 2 Gaige Full Echo Log (Mechromancer Backstory . Salvador is best in a team where he can draw attention and get revived in emergencies. Has a lot of features that makes making your own mods easier! VinylicPumaGaming. Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. Xbox 360 Gamesaves escort, Borderlands 2 Best Game saves (Updated once again), escort in Xbox 360 Gamesaves As we enter the second week of looking at the playable characters in Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, today we’ll look at the first DLC character that was ever added to the series – Gaige. If you love to play Borderlands 2 and looking for working Borderlands 2 shift codes then you are lucky enough as you reached the exact page. Of town visiting relatives the chance to include any business to borderlands 2 best weapons for gaige by value key trends. *Weapons* Lucid Trance - Overpower LVL 8 Sledge's Shotgun - Overpower LVL 8 Tumtum Skullmasher - Overpower LVL 8 Puissant PBFG - Overpower LVL 8 Ravaging Shock Spike Shield - Overpower LVL 8 Contraband Sky Rocket Vault Hunter's Relic *Ammo* Granades - 1007 Pistol - 10010 Assault - 14014 Shotgun - 20060 SMG - 18018 Sniper - 12036 Rockets - 3009 Krieg the Psycho may not be gracing Borderlands 2 until next week, but we've got the inside scoop on some of the best builds for the self-destructive maniac. 2 Critical Ascension. Another  Combined with the need for low Magazine Size and high Reload Rate, your best shot for a go-to weapon is anything from the pistol family. Allows users to disable unwanted parts of the mods, merge mods into one file. Location: Thousand Cuts -> Terramorphous Peak Quest: You. You will die - a LOT. And when I got a crit I thought I heard something but Clap Trap was talking. It allows bullets that hit solid objects to ricochet towards a nearby enemy at . Nerds and Scoundrels keeps a running list of SHiFT codes which you can find below. 2. Every character has their own unique skill and attributes that can be tailored to how you want to play the game. Dec 30, 2012 2. wikia. So what’s the best class in Borderlands 2? It’s hard to say given all the available options and really depends on what you’re looking for. Fibber Farming Guide. And I could slag that enemy for him, so my level 39 Deathtrap can do 457k damage in 2 seconds. See more ideas about Cosplay, Borderlands and Borderlands 2. 0. Hey guys, back with another Borderlands 2 Countdown and today I figured I would go over what I think are the Top 10 Best Guns, Weapons and Gear for Gaige the Mechromancer in Borderlands 2! If you're focusing on shock damage then some weapons to consider are the storm, twister, shock ricochet fibber, shock sandhawk, thunderball fists, little evie, any shock moxxi weapon like the hail or kitten, florentine, shock pimpernal, etc. My channel trailer sums up what you can expect here and on my live streams. First of all: Anytime you nearly die, you can just phasewalk and regenerate with Inner Glow, which is especially Gaige had been waiting in the small interrogation room for about two and a half hours, waiting on Professor Port and his colleagues to get back to her. The best weapon is going to be the richochet Top 10 Best and Most Overpowered Guns and Weapons to Farm in Borderlands 2 #PumaCounts. There are a TON of way Is it creepy if having no soothing young female voice is the thing that makes me not want to play borderlands as a 16 year old girl? From the trailers she is anything but soothing. I am a huge fan of Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 Has A Ridiculous Number Of Hidden Secrets. . That all depends on your play style. Corrected issues where some items didn’t display their correct name (such as “Hoplite”). Gaige was originally available to people who pre-ordered Borderlands 2, but was later put out as paid DLC. 228. Borderlands Cosplay Best Cosplay Awesome Cosplay Anime Cosplay Cosplay Weapons Cosplay Diy Cosplay Costumes Gearbox has put together the fourth and final Echo Log of Gaige the Mechromancer, the fifth and newest playable character in Borderlands 2. This game is awesome and I cant wait for Borderlands 3. 61 Mechromancer Build : Raige Borderlands 2 : My Level 72 Mechromancer Build : Farming & Speed Run Best Gaige Build - This Anarchy . Because of a bug Deathtrap will sometimes use this ability on your enemies. A) A hail storm of bullets ricocheting off the walls and into enemies while she cries ANARCHY~ busting through a wall while riding Deathtrap. This makes the Rubi one of the best weapons in the game for melee builds, if used properly. Instead, use the files that are uploaded on the bl2 resource page here. These codes offer a variety of benefits including skins and weapons. Choosing a character in Borderlands 2 is not an easy task, but playing one is enjoyable depending on your presently available skill tree. Gaige (Mechromancer) Save 0004 Each inventory houses over 600+ items, weapons, accessories, and more. For building stacks, you want a Jakobs shotgun for the small magazine size. Find and follow posts tagged deathtrap on Tumblr. Finally playable for the first time in the series, this talkative little robot packs a wallop on the battlefield, mainly due to the variety of weapons he carries. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. This is also why an Anarchist class mod isn't that good for anarchists, despite the name. ) Great for getting second winds. 35. With this enemy, when it comes out of the shooting range, it will always* be a few levels (at least 2 levels) higher than the player. Borderlands 2- Best Build For Maya The Siren (Level 80 Raid Boss Build &High DPS & Op 10 Build) ,benlick,borderlands 2,skill tree,siren build,borderlands 2 best siren build,borderlands 2 best siren build dps,siren build level 80,bl2 siren build level 80,siren build max tree,level 80 raid boss build,borderlands 2 siren level 80,level 80,bl2 level 80 build,siren level 80 boss build,siren level 8 So from 11k to 229k damage in 2 seconds. Sure. Gaige's middle tree gives you enough boosts to shock damage that you don't need to switch to any other element. Gunzerker Modded level 50 this is my personal save playthrough 1 completed and just into playthrough 2, this is the perfect save for anyone wanting to do playthrough 2 with Salvador as he has a Backpack full of the best gear and a vault full also all the best weapons Orange and Pink a Truley Great Save. I can't imagine what a level 50 Deathtrap can do. 2 KB; 410 downloads This Borderlands 2 mod replaces Despite the game launching in 2012, Borderlands 2 continues to offer their unique form of promo codes known as SHiFT codes. She is the fifth playable class in Borderlands 2, first revealed at PAX East 2012. These Borderlands 2 cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game. Legendary Weapons are generally very hard to find and also deal massive amounts of damage. From the Eden-5 planet comes Gaige the Mechromancer, a skilled robot maker yet only a high school student. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - Over 1000 Legendary Weapons (Borderlands 2 PS4 Gameplay). Cooldown - 18 seconds. I strongly disagree with the answer that Xander Holford gave for Borderlands 1. Once you reach level 40-42, you will be ready to advance to playthrough 2 ( TVHM). tricks, hunter, loot. The gameplay revolves around the completion of missions and the collection of randomly generated loot (such as weapons, shields, skins, and other items) with various rarities, statistics, and elemental effects. Get yourself a really good slag weapon (Slagga[borderlands. Elements: Available in anything but Non-Elemental and Explosive. Standing out in the open with 2 weapons and shooting everything. Will. My Borderlands 2 play time is 11 weeks/6 days/13 hours /2 mins / 56 secs , that is the number in the time played menu. It is the first game in the Borderlands series, developed by Gearbox Software, and published by 2K Games for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Shield Android TV. skill is quite good, but not being able to use elemental weapons makes it very The problem here is that Gaige is most dangerous when she's not  Jun 28, 2019 This mod contains Borderlands 2 saved games that include all the gear in the game at OP10 level 80. Borderlands 2 Gaige's wedgie machine Deathtrap then hid in another room where the weapons are waiting for Gaige to come into the room. Best Friends Forever Buck Up . The place to discuss all things Borderlands 2. Borderlands 2 - Gaige the Mechromancer Trailer for Xbox 360: Gaige the Mechromancer's got mad skillz in this trailer for Borderlands 2. Automatically handles the tedious process of manually merging the files, and prevents the broken mods resulting from master files. Tediore Weapons. 47. Cheatbook is the resource for the latest Cheats, tips, cheat codes, unlockables, hints and secrets to get the edge to win. Here Are All The Ones We Know About. Best option?. Whether you're a newcomer to Borderlands 2, playing the assassin character, Zero, for the first time, or just looking for some better builds to get the most out of combat, this article will help. This has been perhaps one of the most difficult builds to settle upon: The Best Solo Build for Mechromancer. com. Check our list of Best Borderlands 2 Mods. Here we will discuss how to find out the shift codes for Borderlands 2 and how to redeem them to unlock Golden keys and rare weapons. Find all the latest Borderlands 2 PC game mods on GameWatcher. 5 and are tired of wandering around in Vault Hunter mode, then you may be looking for a challenge and a way to farm good loot (especially if preparing for future DLC battles). With the Borderlands 2 Game of the Year Edition, players can experience every epic boss battle, increase the level for each of the six playable Vault Hunters, play all of the additional campaign content, and enjoy hundreds of hours of shoot-and-loot mayhem at an extraordinary value. Borderlands 2 is a 2012 sequel to Gearbox Software's Borderlands. Latest mods. i've used gaige many times before but this is the Gaige the Mechromancer is the first DLC (downloadable content) playable character revealed and released for Borderlands 2. For single targets, pick a shotgun that has a fixed spread, like Blockhead, Triquetra, Jolly Roger, or Heart Breaker. This is almost a port from my last Gaige build for OP8, except i used the new skill points and got a few more options. This is the Speed Demo's Archive forum for Borderlands 2. As with all Borderlands 2 characters, having the right skill tree makes a huge difference in game play, and makes playing even the most difficult character a dream. Trainer Tools and Resources Gibbed Borderlands 2 Save Editor Black Weapon Codes I've been using the BL2 Gibbed Save Editor for a month or two now for also get the gibbed codes for specific items from this list: Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes! made an illegal weapon (it will show up in game with a black rarity) and it will. I've listed my four favorite builds for Zero, each focused on a particular skill. Download. July 2 Gold Keys, Legendary Weapons and More Available via the Vault Insider Program! Become a VIP in the Borderlands Vault Insider Program! As a VIP, you can score some sweet rewards for Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. <metadesc>Borderlands 2 Wiki is an encyclopedia database that contains everything you need to know about Gearbox Softwares' upcoming science fiction–based first-person shooter, Borderlands 2. Commando*_save. Updates to game info (“Pre-sequel”) for the new Borderlands 2 content. But if you want to… How can I build Gaige so I don't have to aim? The thing with Gaige is that she works best for me when I abandon my normal shooter play style entirely and get more Golden Keys are special keys in Borderlands 2 that unlock a golden chest which gives you very powerful and rare items. It gives you a weapon damage boost and an accuracy deficit for either every enemy you kill  Oct 11, 2012 Borderlands 2: Unique Mission Rewards 1 Credits; 2 Introduction . Given the strengths and weaknesses of the different characters in Borderlands, and the individual preferences that each player might have, it’s going to be more or less inaccurate to say that a certain Borderlands 2's Mechromancer Class Might Be Its Best Playable Character. To coincide with the release of Borderlands 2, the iOS spin-off game Borderlands Legends was released on October 31, 2012, for iOS devices. Die. Here are my two favorite builds for Gaige. Warning: if you're not into a high-risk, high-reward style of gameplay, you had might as well steer clear of this brawny brawler right off the bat. The right hand side is the discussion the community members have had. Dec 10, 2014 Make sure your descriptions include why it is good for gaige and not why it is just a Comprehensive List of Gun Prefixes in Borderlands 2 I know that there are plenty of lists for good end-game weapons, but as someone who will not stop making new characters I'd like to know what. Follow/Fav Borderlands 2: No. Best parts: Maliwan grip, Tediore/Vladof sight, Torgue The best shotgun for mobbing is the Conference Call which with Close Enough will just shred whole rooms. Gaige is best described as a teenage genius with a Find Borderlands 2 resources here! Home Forums > Gaming > Borderlands: Handsome Collection I was just wondering what the best weapons are for a fire Gaige Find Borderlands 2 resources here! Home Forums > Gaming > Borderlands: Handsome Collection I was just wondering what the best weapons are for a fire Gaige Gaige trick - In Borderlands 2 with Gaige, if you have the skill “Buck Up” in the “Best Friends Forever” Skill Tree, your companion, Deathtrap, will restore your shields, and will try even if you do Home Forums > Gaming > Borderlands: Handsome Collection > Borderlands 2 > Borderlands 2 Modding & Glitching > Borderlands 2 Weapons Workshop (Updated) Discussion in ' Borderlands 2 Modding & Glitching ' started by SharpGhost , Oct 14, 2012 with 1,203 replies and 1,177,825 views. Gaige gasped with a huge smile -Rock, Paper, Genocide:Corrosive Weapons!-Rock, Paper, Genocide: Slag Weapons! The one I usually go for is the Corrosive Weapons, since they give you a Hyperion loader, particularly a gun loader. Borderlands The Pre Sequel : Handsome Jack Trailer. Subscribe Subscribed Top 10 BEST ASSAULT RIFLES in Borderlands 2! (Best Rifles for Axton, Gaige, Top 20 Best Guns and Weapons in Borderlands 2 class – Salvador the Gunzerker…His name induces fear…His talents?Death! With one gun in each hand, the Gunzerker is able to make use of two of the best weapons in the game at the SAME time! You are not allowed to view this material at this time. 55487 and supports STEAM. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Borderlands 2 scenes than Pornhub! The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, easter eggs, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Borderlands 2 for Xbox 360. While this may be easy in normal- and TVHM, this strategy will become almost impossible to play if you are not completely overequipped. Close Enough is a tier 1 skill in Gaige's Best Friends Forever skill tree. Borderlands 2 SHiFT Codes 2019 Skins The tool to use with Borderlands 2 / TPS mods. (Seriously) Appointed By: Tannis If you beat Borderlands 2 Playthrough 1 and Playthrough 2 / 2. If you encounter any problems (crashes, etc), feel free to comment this post. The Best Friends Forever upgrade tree is designed for casual players, Anarchy increases the damage of your weapon and decreases the  Dec 3, 2018 The best mechromancer builds in Borderlands 2. Send Us News » Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary Available Now (PC/PS4/XONE) (Free until July 8th) Gaige is fun but the worst designed character, her Borderlands is a 2009 open world action role-playing first-person shooter video game. Claptrap is best when it comes to tactics, as he can survey nearby enemies and help ambush them with a group. Gaige Lvl 72 GameSave Explore Andréia Kumpera's board "gaige" on Pinterest. 229 17: 49, October 12, I don't have the same problem with my 2 shot Jakobs Shotgun. I have completed the game with all characters at least twice. Chordagoth >> #322010 Posted on 2014-10-02 02:46:47 Score: 14 (vote Up) (Report as spam) As amazing as Gaige looks in this picture she has HORRIBLE taste in weapons a Hornet with a Hyperion grip? Featuring some funny moments from my live streams and highlight videos, some 80's nostalgia and some awesome footage from #Borderlands 2. the pimpernel is a good sniper for gaige up to 150 stacks, just aim around the waist or abdomen for most enemies of course norfleets are the best on gaige but if you can't farm those then try farming vladof etech launchers called topneaa's Because of the variances in her player challenges, she can be both the easiest and most difficult character to play. Effervescent Rarity Gear Gibbed Codes. Nothing from her at all. Best weapons for gaige? What 4 weapons would go great together for gaige? Perhaps a class mod that goes with them. … Borderlands 2 is a game that will keep you happily busy for some time. Borderlands 3 Always Online Cloud! Krieg Leveling Guide From 1 - 72 OP8 - Borderlands 2. Five years have passed since the events of Borderlands, when the four Vault Hunters, Roland, Mordecai, Lilith, and Brick were guided by a mysterious entity known as "The Guardian Angel" on the planet of Pandora to the Vault, a mysterious alien structure that was rumored to hold ancient and exotic technology and riches. Gaige is a Mechromancer. Finally, Borderlands veterans won't need an introduction to Claptrap. It also is widely considered one of the best weapons to use for several Gaige builds] Night Sloth is a slag sniper rifle that fires in a 3 round burst. Gaige Deathtrap: made its damage scale the way it was supposed to (and a level 80 enemy, while other skills and weapons are doing 35% damage). Since electric damage is not reduced on armored enemies and if you have the skill that sets things on fire from shock damage you don't have to use a corrosive weapon as gaige. 18. I like weapons and cars. Personally, I always use the siren character in Borderlands games because I enjoy their special s An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Our Borderlands 2 +41 trainer is now available for version 1. Other Borderlands 2/3 Guides: E3 2019 VIP and Shift Codes. This roundup covers everything from the story to Link to my Twitter: twitter. 3 Gaige The melee damage bonus % found on weapons is multiplicative rather then In the best case scenario (if there are always enemies in range) you will get  Jul 11, 2019 Borderlands 2 has many classes and skill trees for its colorful characters. We are all things Borderlands 2 best weapons for gaige -- Duplicate studies correct way to fold geico insurance card or. Gaige then peeked out of her Touted as the most user-friendly character of the Borderlands 2 bunch by many, levelingas Gaige is often seen as the easiest way to get a character at level 72 in the game with the least amount of Unkempt Harold Gaige, due to the fact that it is one of a few weapons that always fires its bullets in a set pattern, meaning that even with 600 stacks of anarchy, Gaige can get close to an enemy and fire the Unkempt Harold, and be almost guaranteed a hit. borderlands 2 best weapons for gaige

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